Monday, April 21, 2014


We have been going about 1.5 hours away to spend holidays with our friends, Julie and Rich and their children.  This holiday we got to spend time with Julie's mom, Barbara, as well.  Let me introduce you to most of us.

These two gorgeous sprites are Jonas and Livvie (and the beautiful purple watering can I covet and might steal one day!)  They are beside the comma garden that Julie created this year.  Unfortunately the local Bunny Dude loves the kale!

This is Jonas of the incredible eyes.

And this is Livvie, oh, Livvie . . . of the brilliant scientific mind and the master of Legos!

We brought Ginny a very, very large bone.  Here she is halfway done but the entire bone disappeared pretty darn quickly  A lovely day to lay outside with a snack.

The photographer (my husband, Butch) wasn't able to capture Rich this time but I'm sneaking one in from last Thanksgiving . . .

Rich doesn't hold still long enough to get many pictures and he wouldn't allow one with the crazy pink visor I brought him from my cruise.  Said he might get shot!

Here is my Julie, my beautiful Julie!  We had a lovely time sitting out on the porch with Barbara.

Barbara lives in New Jersey now (and forever before now) but she is in the process of moving down to live next door to Julie and Rich.  She purchased a mobile home last week to go on the land that Rich and Julie just recently bought  next door.  It is cleared and fenced and wonderful!  So green and wide open.  Jonas loves to run down there and stand in a special place and watch the world go by.  So Barbara will be moving down soon to be close.

Barbara is a fascinating lady.  She has lived through many spotlight times in history and worked as a school secretary.  She also worked for Campbell's Soup.  Butch and I love talking to her and hearing her stories and her wisdom.

Legos rule in the Teat household.  And Jonas loved to play Legos with Butch.

Julie is an avid gardener and I really, really enjoy seeing what she has done every time we visit.  The house is out in the country and there are woods all along the back.  It's beautiful and peaceful.  And I love the way the backyard is laid out.

But I think my favorite thing about this particularly visit was the greenhouse.  I love this greenhouse.  I WANT this greenhouse immediately!

This really tickled me.  Rich developed together a balance beam that the kids can put together.  And then they "walk the plank"!  Over and over.  Outside.  That is so refreshing!  These children really love being outside.

Butch and I did contribute to dinner.  Deviled eggs . . . 

And fruit salad with bunnies romping around on top.

I don't know how the bunnies got in but they seemed very comfortable . .

We also took huge oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies that Butch made.  Forgot pictures but they are wonderful!  It's Martha Stewart's recipe and I've pinned it on my Pinterest Board under the "Food" file.  Well worth checking out!

Butch and I have been talking all morning about how much fun we had.  The conversations were really great and being around the little ones always lifts my heart.  Butch, a former elementary school teacher who now works for DPI as a regional accountability coordinator, feels real joy playing the kids.  He does it so effortlessly that everyone can feel how much he loves young ones.  Visiting our lovely friends always makes us want to go back for more!  

I hope your Easter was as great as ours was!


  1. I feel like I was there! Thanks for the great recap and wonderful pictures! Waves at Julie!

  2. Looks like a fun time!! Love seeing the kids playing outside. Also....sweet little Ginny with her bone...

  3. Looks like it was a lot of fun!